This article covers the following:

  • In August 2021, we have announced a new limited edition SCP-0001 promo card: When Day Breaks.
  • Who can get the card:
    • Existing players who leave a rating and write a comment reviewing the game on our new Boardgamegeek page and tell us on our customer portal.


    • New players that have purchased the game or its components in one of our special events (e. g. with special e-shop codes used for this purpose).

Review requirements

  • The comment with the review needs to fill several requirements.
    • We recommend it to be at least around 50 words in length, but we'll also appreciate if you write us a longer review!
    • The rating doesn't matter (we appreciate both positive and negative reviews)
    • The review needs to be original and well-written.

Guides and tips on writing good board game reviews

How to I do this?

  • Leave a comment
    1. When rating the game, you will see a window with a field for your comment.
    2. Leave comment in the Comment section.
    3. Click "Save".

Alright, I have written my comment and left the rating. Where do I get my card?

  1. Go to our support portal here. If you don't have an account on our helpdesk already, register to get one.
  2. Choose the request type "SCP-0001 application"

      3. Write down your name, address, and put your review screenshot into the ticket.

      4. Click "Submit".

You will be notified when your card is sent.

It is necessary to fill your whole address, as we cannot send the promo card to an incomplete one.

Participate to receive the UNREDACTED version of SCP-0001: When Day Breaks for your EFS19 collection!

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